Natural sea salt

Gráfico de la onda en turquesa

Salt is, most probably, the oldest and most frequently additive used by every cultureof the world. Already in the Neolithic era we guess that this peculiar crystal has many properties and we start to extract salt from the sea water by evaporation. Centuries of evolutionhave helped us tounderstand better thebenefits of the salt, discovering hundreds of usesfrom food to medicine.

In Polasal we have learned to combine a thousand-year tradition with a continuous innovation in technology that plays a key role for the quality assuranceon all our products.

Texto la sal de tu cocina en blanco
Gráfico de la onda en turquesa

Salad, sausage, sauce, “salmorejo” (cold Andalusian soup)… All these foodshave something in common. And that is thatsalthas been commonly used to make different foods for a long time.

The use of salt as condiment is very common, given its property as a flavour enhancer. In addition, its conservative property allows to produce countless salting processes and pickles heavily used in cousine.

A wide range of products

Gráfico de la onda en turquesa

Find the suitable salt for any requirement. We have a large family of natural sea salts for and compacted salts for dishwashers and softeners. Discover them!

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Sal gourmet en escamas
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Saco Resinetplus 25kg

The origin of a tradition

Gráfico de la onda en blanco

In the late 1960s, the market starts to request dehydrated productsfor convenience in alimentary use. Polasal is founded in the Salinas of Santa Pola for fulfilling this request, with a dryer that, at best, coul reach a dried salt production of 20 tonnes per hour.

Present day, our dryer reaches a capacity of 50 tonnes per hour, located in a ecological environment naturally created thanks to salt production.

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Quality guarantee

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